Sunday, June 12, 2005

if you're not part of the solution...

I don't know how it is in Texas, but in California, BarBri's practice essay grading is laughably worthless.

The idea is simple: BarBri gives us a book of "graded assignments". When they show up on the magic schedule, we do a pratice essay that we actually e-mail to them, and then a few days later, they return it back to us, with a grade and commentary on the various strengths and weaknesses.

Good idea, right? Of course it is.

Unfortunately, BarBri seems to have employed ten-thousand monkeys on ten thousand Dells solely for the purpose of grading these essays.

Completely. Worth. Less.

So much so, that it is doubtful that I will put forth the hassle of submitting any more of these essays. It's that bad.

Here are some of their insightful "comments" and "analysis":

Umm...on the Torts practice essay? If you want I can also give you a write-up about the in-field fly rule. Or about how Venom is the best Spider-Man villian. Or any number of other unrelated topics.

Yes, I am aware of that, which is why I said so in the one sentence I wrote about it. You know... the one saying it's not an issue. And since it's the only offense out of four closely related offenses that didn't apply, it seemed quite reasonable to do the ol' raise and dismiss.

Nothing! That's what I just said! "These defenses do not apply." So I have to explain why the defenses don't apply, but I can't explain why the actual offenses don't apply? That makes no sense! Idiots.

How so? Talk about the stuff I didn't talk about and not talk about the stuff that I did talk about? Is that what I (Big Jer) paid you mofos 3 boxes of ziti for?

Forget it. I'm going to do some practice MBE questions and pretend like the state essays don't exist. Since that is exactly what BarBri seems to be doing.