Wednesday, June 01, 2005

now with 80% less cleverness

I am well aware that studying for the Bar exam has sapped most of the wit and humor from my blog. Now my blog is boring, sporadic, uninspired, and, well... it's pretty much like yours. But at least the Bar will be over in a couple of months. And your blog will still suck.

That was just mean. This is what constant studying has done to me. I'm grumpy.

So far, the most stressful thing about the Bar review is the other students. Their 1L-esque gunner-rific study tactics are like a noxious gas that causes me to be "very un-Dude." The most flagrant example was one girl who was making a flashcard for every single practice MBE question, whether or not she got it right. We do dozens of these things, and she is making flashcards for all of them.

I see a slight problem with that: There is no way you could actually go back and study all of those flashcards! There simply is not time! Of course, you can learn things by the mere act of making the flashcard, but why spend 10 minutes making a flashcard for abuse of process, which might be in 1 question on the MBE, when you could spend it reviewing negligence, which will definitely have 17 questions?

Ugh. She probably has a sucky blog.

Why does the Blogger spell-checker always catch "blog"?