Saturday, May 21, 2005

what are you talking aboot?

"Eh? You can make your own WAH-fuls?"

Greetings from beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona. Big Jer and I are about to partake in breakfast at a motel on the historic Route 66, which is evidenced by the inordinate amount of Route 66 emblazoned kitzche and a few dozen Canadians.

Canadians. Everywhere.

It doesn't seem reasonable to assume that half the population of Ottowa decided to visit the Grand Canyon all at once. Especially since none of them seem to know each other. I think that Canadians just like traveling Route 66. Almost without exception, all of the males are wearing low-cut hiking shoes with white tube socks. I was going to make a joke implying that this combination is the official footwear of Canada, but I have no basis in fact for that accusation, and I wouldn't want my Canadian readers to take umbrage.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must make my wahful.