Tuesday, May 03, 2005

no longer just fodder for hypothetical Ks (we in the stuio whippin' up dope tracks)

I'm sure that OS 10.4 - a.k.a. "Tiger" has many interesting and useful features. But for right now, I'm obsessed with the widgets.

For those of you not TRU to tha Fruit, a widget is a small desktop application that serves a specific function and runs all the time with nominal processor and memory usage. For example, as I mentioned in previous post, I am posting from a widget. It's a blue box, about 4 inches wide with "title" and "body" fields in which to type. Click the "Post" button and it's up. Please buh-lieve it!

So as I said, I'm moderately obsessed wit dem. I'm sure the novelty will wear off, but until then, I'm cramming as many in my desktop space (which is ample) as I can possibly justify a use for.

We gots an iTunes widget, sporting an abbreviated control panel and song title display (Bout it, Bout it, by Master P). We gots a calender widget, a weather widget, a traffic widget (set for Huntington Beach), a widget for a dictionary, yellow pages, a hula girl, a calculator, the time in Los Angeles (because subtracting by two is too cerebrally intensive), a FedEx package tracker, a unit converter, and my personal favorite, a flower vase that pops out a flower every time I get a new message in my G-Mail inbox.

Did I mention the widget webcam that shows the people camping out for Episode III in San Jose, CA? I didn't? Well I have a widget webcam, and it shows the people camping out for Episode III in San Jose, CA. Awesome, huh?