Saturday, April 23, 2005

movie reviews are fun

Am I the only person in the world who does not want to see Kung Fu Hustle? It looks absolutely absurd and devoid of any plot, coherency, or character development. I think I'd rather watch the extended DVD director's cut of Titanic. Here is a choice review:

"Imagine a film in which Jackie Chan and Buster Keaton meet Quentin Tarantio and Bugs Bunny."
- Roger Ebert

Doesn't that sound awful? And he liked this film! That is from a positive review! I'd rather watch a marathon of Glitter and Honey... with audio commentary!

Actually, I think I'd rather see King's Ransom, opening this weekend. Get the Oscars ready, folks...

"If Hell does exist, I'm sure the only theatre in town will be playing nothing buy Anthony Anderson films."
- Kevin Carr

"Apparenetly, New Line [Cinema] has less discretion than Kid Rock with a 10-beer buzz at a monster truck rally"
- Mike Ward

Ok, nevermind. I guess I'll take my girlfriends to see Sahara...

"A blockbuster played by action figures and written by children."
- Walter Chaw

"Sahara falls into quicksand and quickly disappears into the abyss that can only be described as Movie Hell. Only one word can describe this thing, baby: Craptacular."
- Jeffrey Bruner

Well that's good news. At least if you go to Hell, you'll have a choice between Sahara and King's Ransom. And Titanic. But at least if you choose to see Titanic, you will get to hang out with James Cameron, who will be sent there solely because he created that movie.

So, I recommend that you see Hotel Rwanda or The Woodsman. Both are incredible. Unless of course you like scary movies, in which case maybe we could all go see The Amityville Horror...

"I've seen episodes of Sesame Street that were more frightening than this generic junk."
- Matt Brunson

Ok, maybe not.