Tuesday, April 05, 2005

since it's been so long since we boycotted something...

For this round of boycotts, The Write-On will be tackling body sprays. Not because they smell bad, which they do, but because of the onslaught of advertising associated with some of the more noteable brands.

Tag, Axe, and Old Spice. Dudes, don't buy 'em. Ladies, don't buy 'em for your dudes (and that's plural because I know how some of you ladies roll).

Now you have to understand, I'm far from being a champion of women's rights. I live in Lubbock, Texas - the global epicenter of beautiful women - and I enjoy their company, attention, and remuneration as often as humanly possible. But I still can't help but be offended by these television and print ads which boldly claim that their products will make random beautiful women have sex with random doofusy guys.

Of course I know that these ads are not seriously suggesting that their products will work in the ridiculous ways portrayed therein. But I'm not saying that's it's offensive because men will actually think these products will disarm women, although I have no doubt that some probably do. It's offensive because these companies find this image humorous and sexy, because they promote this image by suggesting that women's reason and self-control can be overridden and taken advantage of by any man who adopts this image, and because they have so little respect for the female gender that they would fill magazines and airwaves with brainless and amorous models, groping any guy doused in cheap cologne.

It also offends me because these companies think my gender is stupid enough to buy this stuff in the hopes that it might in some way make us more attractive to women. I'm not falling for it. Classy guys don't wear cheap cologne. Classy girls don't jump in the bed with the nearest guy who does.

So that being said, I officially commission the latest Write-On boycott. Happy shopping!