Friday, March 11, 2005

there are no bad words for the coast today

Where will I be this time tomorrow?

Los Angeles, California! Actually, I'll be in a bus that's getting pretty close to Los Angeles, California, but that just doesn't sound as good in my head.

Today is the departure for my fifth mission trip with the univeristy ministry of First Baptist Lubbock, or as we call it, Mission Trip. Because there are mission trips, and then there's Mission Trip. The M and the T get shifted out of reverence for its awesomeness.

This year, the Trip of the Mission should be especially sweet for a number of reasons:

1) I now consider Cali my home. This means I will be uber-obnoxious this year. Picture me at the front of the bus, crouched down by the bus driver: "Whoah - are you getting on the 22? At this hour? Alright... fine... not like I lived here for a summer or anything... "

2) I roped my boys - Whitten and Gorman - into going. Usually, I'm the only law student on the trip. This year, not only is Tech Law thrice representin', but Law Review is all up in the house as well. Lock up your daughters.

3) We're going to Huntington Beach on Sunday. That's my house. See infra note 1 and accompanying text (discussing my inevitable obnoxiousness).

Also, we at NineThirty are a web-savvy bunch. Check out for live web-cams from the sites, live web-cams from the worship services, and so you can e-mail all of the 213 shockingly intelligent and disturbingly attractive people on the trip.