Wednesday, March 02, 2005

not quitting my day job

Yeah, so no one was kind enough to inform me that being an artist is hard work.

Sure, there are a few noteworthy perks. Like frequenting various opium dens and drinking absinthe with Impressionist composers. But when you actually have to sit down and make art? That junk is hard.

Well, maybe making art isn't that hard, but framing it sure is. For future reference, if you're ever at a photography exhibition, and you can't figure out why some guy is charging a hundo for some picture of flower, just assume that it's probably because it took him two and a half hours to mat the frickin' thing only to find out that Target was kind enough to sell him a frame that someone else had been kind enough to buy, scratch, crack, spill some kind of insoluable goo all over, and then repackage and take back. And he's charging a hundo for it because he's halfway hoping that no one will buy it so he can take it home and mount it on the wall to forever commemorate his victory over spray adhesive.

That being said, please buy something from my show. I've sunk more money into this tomfoolery than I care to admit (more than half-a-box of ziti, if you speak Soprano), so if I don't at least break even, I'm going to feel more than a bit foolish.

So be there.

La Diosa Cellars
Friday, March 4th
901 17th Street (17th & Buddy Holly Ave.)
6pm - 9pm