Sunday, March 20, 2005

the obligatory post-mission trip post

Well, after the longest bus ride in Mission Trip history, we are back. We hit heinous traffic between Fontana and Barstow, and it took us 3 hours to go 80 miles. Thus, the trip home took us 2.5 hours longer than it usually does. Luckily, I had the iPod. Because as any self-respecting melancholy, I hate people, and I'm all too happy to tune them out for long periods of time.

The trip was great. One of highlights was definitely getting to hang out with Thad and Rhonda. And I say that not just because they somehow found my blog. But while the other 210 Mission Trippers descended on dowtown Huntington to shop and buy lattes, ChrisA and Whitten and I enjoyed a delightful dinner with the Kings.

Another highlight was continuing to hear nothing but affirmation that God wants me in California. This was especially great, considering that now, I don't have a job. Yeah, awesome huh? That James 1:2 is so hot right now.

Things fell through with the firm I thought I was going to work with, so now my career prospects are a big fat proverbial goose egg. According to Harold Bullock, via Rhonda, this is called "death to a vision". Personally, I think ol' Harold could have come up with a less macabre title for this phenomena, but since Harold's a friend of mine (as Emily can attest) I won't give him too hard a time.

The short version: God allows all of your earthly plans and prospects to fall through, so your only choices are to either step out in faith in the direction of God's will, or to abandon your plans to join God in what you thought his will was. Blackaby calls this "crisis of belief" - a time to decide what you believe about God. Do I believe that he is a God that has a plan and a purpose for me in California, and who will provide for me? Yes, I do believe that. So I have to act on that, and proceed in the direction of God's will, even though I no longer have job prospects.

But I digress. Mission Trip was awesome. Here's a short list of some things I saw God do:

1. Repaired the air bladder of Bus #2. It ruptured. We prayed. Then it wasn't ruptured anymore. The bus made it all the way to California and back.
2. ChrisA got hit in the hand with a sledgehammer. No, breaks, no fractures, not even a bruise.
3. Whitten and Gorman got baptized in the Pacific Ocean. My boys.
4. A few of the work sites got finished early, thus allowing us to take on new work sites, and finish them as well.

Well, even after a six hour nap earlier today, I'm still beat, and I still have to finish unpacking/cleaning and I have to sign up for the California BarBri. Any of you Californians need a lawyer?