Monday, April 11, 2005


Today, in Conflicts of Law, the professor was discussing international treaties, and was proposing some hypothetical involving a dispute between "human beings" (as opposed to governmental or corporate entitites). The following tangent occured thusly:

"So you see how if we instead have a suit involving human beings, that... by the way. You know Wolverine? There was a recent court decision which held that Wolverine was a human being. How 'bout that? Anyway, so whereas a treaty would govern the transaction in question..."

What? Whitten and I immediately exchanged confused glances. I don't think he had any idea what had just happened because he was playing Pilot Wings or something. I immediately hit up Google News and FindLaw News searching for "wolverine court decision" and various variations thereof. I came up with nothing.

So does anyone have any idea what he's talking about? Was he just trying to see who was listening?

In other news, this morning at the donut shop where Nick and I meet on Mondays, a little boy locked himself in the men's room. I knew this child was not right when he walked in wearing red costume cowboy boots and sporting a lightsabre. Nick didn't catch it, because all he does is build stuff and watch Astro's games, but in my silent rage I thought, "whoah - that's two genres that do not mix. You can be a cowboy or you can be a Jedi, but you may not be a Jedi Cowboy."

So when Garth Windu got himself locked in the men's room, it was a bit amusing. Not so much out of malice for confused child's plight, but because an ordinary discipleship meeting had found us taking a restroom door off the hinges. The mom then gave us both hundred-dollar bills.

Maybe next week they'll give us free donuts. Mmm...glazed cake...