Wednesday, May 18, 2005

the plane has crashed into the mountain

Bad news last night. Apparently, the villain in the next Spider-Man movie is going to be Sandman. I would reveal my source, but I don't feel like typing a lot of HTML, but it was something implicating that the graphics studio is doing a lot of tests with sand-related computer effects. That doesn't sound like Venom. Long-time readers may recall that I was livid when the second film included a lame-o villain like Doc Oc.

I will concede that Doctor Octopus didn't suck nearly as bad as I thought he would in the second movie. But this was only because Alfred Molina is a stellar actor and because the studio felt no need to make his robot arms anything remotely like what they are in the comic book. So I guess that with a great actor and enough creative license you can make any character less sucky. This is a shame because Venom is the great villain right out of the can.

In other entertainment news, ABC, who is so confounded by the fact that they actually have a couple of decent shows that they have completely lost all sense of reason, has decided to move Alias to Thursday nights, directly opposite of The O.C.. That is dumb.

But I'm sure you don't tune-in to The Write-On for insightful entertainment news and analysis.

So I graduated. That was pretty cool. And on Friday I will move to California. Yeah, like, less than 48 hours away Friday. Big Jer will be driving with me. This has the potential to be a very, very long drive, since Big Jer is a terrible backseat driver and he doesn't like Sigur Ros. But Big Jer is awesome nonetheless and will be paying for things, so who am I to complain?

Martha will be staying here and attending a craft show with ChrisA. Then they'll probably start drinking.

I also have yet to actually pack anything. But since my Bar/Bri stuff just came via FedEx, I won't have room to pack any of the amenities like clothes or toothpaste, because I have to forklift 237 pounds of books into my Tahoe, all containing information I'm supposed to know already, except of course for California Community Property, a class which was not offered at Texas Tech, and if it was I wouldn't have taken it, and if I had, I probably wouldn't have ever gone to it, and if I did I probably would have slept through it, and even if I didn't I would have just read Engadget for the whole 50 minutes.

I'm hungry. More later.