Sunday, May 29, 2005

you wanna be fresh on the scene, don't you?

It's now officially "go time". The review courses for the California Bar Exam start tomorrow morning. On Memorial Day, might I add. I suppose that I cannot complain too much, as my Texas Bar buddies started their review courses last week. I got an extra week of Panda Express orange chicken, wandering around South Coast, and a few hours of low key studying at the HB Central Library/Rain Forest Preserve.

I talked to a couple of my law school associates last week to gauge their reactions to full-time bar exam study. Susan was generally freaking out. Whitten went to see Star Wars. Since that about sums up their respective law school experiences, it doesn't seem that I should be expecting anything out of the ordinary.

In other news, Big Jer and Martha will be flying out in 3 weeks. Right in the middle of bar studying. Well, not right in the middle, about four-ninths of the way through bar studying. This should be interesting, since it means front-loading a day of studying so that I can socialize with them. That's 12 hours. The idea of studying 12 hours total for anything is like, ridiculous. But 12 hours per day? I would cry if only law school hadn't calloused over my heart with a diamond-hard layer of broken dreams and crippled standards.

I also have photographs to post. Look for those in mid-August.

Hi Marilyn. I love you.