Monday, June 06, 2005

at first i was afraid, i was petrified

Stress levels have returned to manageable.

My studying for Sunday consisted of absolutely nothing. In the morning, Zach and I partook in the Seabreeze/Pierpoint combo, which is just more Harold Bullock-inspired teaching than you know what to do with. We then headed over to the P-X (Panda Express) and gorged ourselves on orange chicken.

And then, I am proud to say that I took my first volitional nap of my Bar studying. I've dozed off at my desk a couple of times, but this nap was not only intentional, it was open and notorious. It may have even involved a blanket. With boats on it.

I also played the 5th grader in SoulCalibur II. She destroyed me. SC is widely regarded as a "button-pusher game", and thusly, even newbs can pull out a few rounds here and there, but still, it was ridiculous. I was not letting her win, but I was mercifully refraining from using Cervantes. After returning to my old bread-and-butter undead pirate, I was victorious, because it is internationally known that no one can step to my Cervantes skills, except for The Fleeg, and only while using Kilik.

And today I had lunch with Robert, the world's smartest college minister, and it did not suck at all. Robert's interests include such areas as Apple advocacy, video games, and systematic theology, so we chat it up like old women. And because I know you're just dying to ask, we are both not enthused about the Intel switch announced by His Steveness earlier today. We are withholding judgment until new stuff comes to light.

And Whitten has reassured me that back home on the Plains, everyone is sucking at Con Law as much as I am, despite BarBri's insistence that it is the easiest MBE subject.

The Hoov abides.