Sunday, August 27, 2006

lazy sunday

This morning I preached about Halo, so it only seemed fitting to throw up pictures and give a recap of the progress we've made over the summer.

As I stated a few days ago - yes we are still in Compton at Christ Full Gospel. But thanks to plenty of free labor provided by our four interns, and teaming up with Shane K. and his Project Impact L.A. team, it's almost getting there.

In what came to be known as "Big Halo Day", Shane brought out all 30-something of his Impacters. When augmented with our interns and a few high school kids, it was a herculean effort indeed.

I'm supervising the re-staining of this organ bench. The end result didn't look as good as it did originally. The end result didn't even look as good as it did right after we stripped it.

Dan representing with DeShawn and Marshall. Nice kids. Just don't let them anywhere near a paint roller. They're terrible.

Here you can see that Tie has made an interesting shirt choice, considering that George Bush hates black people. And vice versa.

Polishing team keeping it real... real shiny.

All of the awesome people that stuck around for the full 13 hours. Some people had to bail early to go to a wedding, but they are no less handsome. I probably don't have to tell you which one is Pastor D.

In Compton, even the ice cream trucks have bars.