Friday, May 26, 2006

i can turn back the hands of time, you better believe i can

I'm back in California after an absurdly long drive back from Austin. My time in Austin was quite enjoyable, although I can't shake the feeling that the city is basically a small clump of So-Cal posers who got transplanted in Central Texas. In Austin, everybody strives to be different and weird. In Southern California, people just are different and weird. Austin is basically the Venice Beach B-Team.

Austonians are also snobby about music. Should you dare mention a band that isn't either a) Austin locals, or b) comprised of at least two people you know personally, so you can brag about it, you will probably hear a distinct scoffing noise. Maybe a dismissive "pssh", or a bemused "hmmph".

Halo is back up for Saturday. Rodney and the CFG boys did a great job finishing up some taping and bedding, so we're on this week for sanding and priming. Rodney is definitely my best guy - he does this kind of stuff for a living, so he loves to use his professional skills to serve the Kingdom. This might prompt the question as to how my chosen profession could possibly come into play. My job is to get two of the CFG boys out of jail. If The Man wants to throw two of my best workers in the clink, he's not going to do it without a fight from Hoov-Esq.

Don't screw with Halo. We have in-house.