Sunday, June 04, 2006

i'll even buy your crackers and your licorice

Yesterday evening, I saw something surreal. I was sitting outside of a Starbucks, preparing my Sunday School lesson, and partaking in a delightful San Luis Rey Marduro Robusto. Suddenly my attention was drawn to two men, probably late twenties-ish. I did not know these men. They were running in a dead sprint along the shopping center sidewalk, presumably towards the Albertson's at the north end. The Newland Center, if you're local and curious. These men were dressed in three-piece suits and were well-coifed.

10 minutes later, I see the same smartly-dressed men sprint back the opposite direction. Only this time, one of them was holding a bottle of Jager. I still cannot imagine what set of circumstances could possibly have led to this life-or-death relay for Jager. "Clarence! Brett! We need the Jager, now!" Seriously. I'm drawing a blank, people. Maybe SpeedJager is some sort of West coast thing. Karen?

There's a lot going on this week: Pink got into town today. The parents get in tomorrow. K-Lyn gets back from Canada on Tuesday, the same day that our other intern David arrives. And on Wednesday, the Hoover Trinity is off to San Francisco. We'll be eating a lot of seafood and spending Big Jer's money.

Also, my efforts to get Kevin out of jail get underway tomorrow, as Pastor Dilliard takes me to the Carson Sheriff's Department to meet his buddies. Supposedly they'll help me get the police reports and access all of the filings and sentencing papers. The kid's been sitting in juvie holding without counsel for 3 weeks now. I figure a brand-new lawyer is better than none at all. Stay tuned for all the hot Sandy Cohen action.

And I apologize for going so long without posting. I promise that in the future, I won't be so Whittenesque.