Saturday, June 25, 2005

one point eight minutes

Have you hugged your Bar exam studier today? Well perhaps you should, because all over the country, my fellow BarBri trolls and I are feeling a bit disconsolate. We took a simulated MBE this weekend, and most of us are feeling like we got backhanded and sent back out on the street. The only thing lower than our percentages are our coutenances.

There is a bit of lingering confusion between the So-Cal camp and my crew back in Tejas. Apparently, Whitten, et al, got an instruction sheet which proportedly states that the questions on the simulated exam are at a "similar level of diffiuclty" as the real MBE questions. Whereas before our exam, we were told during an intro video that the questions are "much harder" than the actual MBE exam.

And of course, we took the same practice test and we will take the same MBE, so there appears to be no resolution for this dubiety.

Honestly, BarBri, is it the same or is it harder? And how do you manage to get that confused between your two biggest market states? And where is my blasted Contracts practice essay? Should I be expecting the Pony Express guy to ride up with it sometime in the next fortnight? Honestly.

But then Whitten called a bunch of people and they all did worse than we did so we feel better. Shallow, yes. But at this point, we'll take anything.