Saturday, November 06, 2004


Seth Cohen is the greatest television character ever. My O.C. obsession would be little more than a preference without everyone's favorite gregarious emo nerd.

I think I like Seth so much because he's me. Or, me in high school, anyway. But Seth is in high school, so I guess that maintains the veracity of the analogy. Well, he's me minus about 70 pounds.

And he has cool hair. I've never had cool hair. The top is straight and poofy, not altogether unlike cat hair. And the side is quasi-afro-esque. It's ridiculous. So, if Seth were fat and had bad hair, we would be exactly me in high school

Here are the other commonalities:

1. Collects comic books. Religiously.
2. Plays video games. By himself. See #3.
3. Only child.
4. Likes music that most of his friends scoff at, such as whiny emo music, or frightening Icelandic wailing.
5. Gets teased about the attractiveness of his mother. Sick.
6. Uses an Apple computer.
7. Listens to an iPod.
8. Wears Penguin brand clothing.
9. Bookish. Usually results in obscure literary references that result in social exclusion.
10. Never misses a chance to make fun of somebody. Sometimes involving an obscure literary reference.
11. Jewish. I'm not Jewish per se, but technically, it is the same God.
12. Suffers from allergies. And sounds really nerdy when mentioning them.
13. Develops crushes that defy his better judgment.
14. Loves The Vegas.

So there you have it. Seth is awesome. And since you like Seth so much, if you ever build a time machine (Fleeg), be sure and go hang out with me in high school to get the full Seth/Hoov effect.