Wednesday, November 03, 2004

dragons in '08

I can't say I'm too shocked. After all, this is the same country that gave Titanic an Oscar.

I'll say it now and you can quote me on this: The Democrats will never reclaim the Whitehouse, or restore balance to Congress until they are willing to front pro-life candidates.

25% of the voters in Ohio (and probably many other states) claim they are Evangelical Christians. And while I have serious doubts that any of these people have any idea what actually constitutes Evangelical theology (dispensationalism, pre-millenialism, etc.) they are relentlessly pro-life. Unfortunately, they are as deluded as they are relentless. They seem to be under the impression that the federal legislative and executive branches have a damn thing to do with the legality of abortion.

The Dragon Argument: Imagine if one-quarter of the voting populace really liked dragons. Even if the Democrats knew full well that dragons don't exist and therefore they can't do anything about dragon policy, it would be foolish of them to not say, "we like dragons", and thus court the pro-dragon vote. Especially while the Republicans are out there saying, "we really like dragons". The Republicans understand that it doesn't matter that dragons don't exist as long as one-quarter of the country insists on believing that they do.

My point is this: 25% of the country has chosen to be one-issue voters, and they have chosen as their one issue something that the federal Executive branch has little to no control over.

Democrats: you need to accept this fact and work with it, regardless of how ridiculous it is.