Saturday, October 23, 2004


If I haven't blogged in awhile, it's because I haven't felt funny.

One reason is that school has been a beat-down as of late. The past couple of weeks I've been piled on with so many little silly projects and papers and presentations that I feel like I'm in undergrad again.

The other reason is that I'm so consumed with irritation at the shameless hypocrisy of George Bush that I'm precluded from thinking of anything funny. This week I was especially vexed by the new W ad that suggests that terrorists want John Kerry to win the election. What is the basis for this suggestion? John Kerry voted for a $6 billion decrease in the defense budget.

Here's why that is so bogus: 1) Do you have any idea what our yearly defense expenditures are? They're astronomical - in excess of $40 billion. 2) The budget cut that John Kerry voted for was over the course of several years (6 or 8, I can't remember). So a $6 billion cut from more than $250 billion really isn't anything ludicrous. 3) John Kerry voted for this cut as part of a bill that reduced Cold War spending. Because the Cold War was, you know, like, over. 4) Dick Cheney supported the bill. 5) Dick Cheney supported the bill. 6) Dick Cheney supported the bill.

And the Bush supporters who excuse these kinds of ads as "part of the process of politics" are the same supporters who praise Bush for his "values" and "morals" and "Christian leadership". C'mon people, wake up and quit deifying the man.

Try voting for someone who has the experience and intelligence to run the country. Not someone who's just a mascot for your home state and/or personal belief system.