Monday, September 27, 2004

blue moon in my eyes

Well, in typical Burton fashion, that shirt was sold out. Or at least it was sold out in the black. It seems that I could still get that awesome Sopranos-inspired logo on a royal blue or white shirt, but that's just not the same. The Sopranos logo is always on black, so to get it on any other color would be a clear violation of omerta, and I'd be sleeping with the fishes. Like Luca Brasi.

And now that the FCC paper is finished, I can get around to watching the third season of The Sopranos on DVD. Here's a conversation I had with a girl from church:

"I don't watch that show. It promotes violence."

"Yeah. And profanity, and adultery, and illicit drug use, and tax evasion. I can't wait to watch the third season."

Actually, the paper isn't really finished. It's just graduated to the phase of being a communal problem. Now the paper isn't just my headache, but it's the shared headache of the Law Review secretary, my Artilces Editor, the Managing Editor, about a dozen second-years, and the Editor in Chief.

We don't screw around here at the Tech Law Review.

Ok, maybe we do. But we still put out some well-cited articles. Every sentence is fully cited with the ultimate in Bluebook facism. Actually, while we're on the topic of screwing around on Law Review, here's an e-mail that we received last week from somebody really high-up on the law library staff:

Earlier this week I noticed on the third floor that there was a mini golf course set up among the book stacks. Apparently, some students are practicing golf between official assignments. While golf is a great sport, the library definitely is NOT the right venue for doing so.

I don’t know how long it has been there and whether the Law Review had anything to do with this. Can you investigate and report it back to me? If one of your students set it up, I ask you to take it down immediately. Let me know if you have questions. Thank you for your cooperation,

P.S.: I also found an empty pizza box sitting on the table facing the entrance on the 3rd floor. We’ll appreciate your cooperation in keeping food out of the library.

[name politely withheld]
Associate Director
Law Library

Allow me to clear our good name:

1. It was not a "course". It was one of those little practice putting thingies, with some books behind it to keep the ball from getting away on missed putts. To hear this guy talk, you'd think we had miniature windmills and big plastic alligators.

2. "Official assignments"? That one had us rolling. Like we're some kind of law school CSI, sitting around wating for the test results on those footnotes.

3. He wants our help with keeping food out of the library. Considering it was an empty pizza box, I'd say we're doing more than our fair share. I personally took it upon myself to remove three pieces from the library.

Also, in order to console myself after my loss of that awesome shirt, I'll be ordering a Burton backpack worthy of the Soulmaster that is myself. Even though my prospective purchase of this backpack has already resulted in me being called a poser by people who are apparently undaunted by the fact that I own a Burton snowboard and have been snowboarding for years. I think that sort of precludes me from being a poser, but whatev. Play on.