Thursday, September 23, 2004

tuesday revisited

Today is Thursday. Or as I think we should call it, Paraday, since my mind will forever associate Thursdays with Paradigm. Even when I'm 72 and surfing the pier, I will still wake up on Thursdays and think, "today is the day for Paradigm."

But on this particular fine Paraday, I will not be going to Paradigm, because of what happened on Tuesday.

On Monday night/Tuesday morning, I went to bed at 7am. I woke up bright and early at 9:30am. As much as I love staring at my awe-inspiring Apple 17-inch Studio Display for hours on end, I decided it was time for a change of scenery. So I underwent some ritual cleansings (shower) and rolled out (sans homies) to Sugar Brown's.

On a side-note, I would like to briefly discuss my awe-inspiring Apple 17-inch Studio Display. It's like butter. On my breakfast toast. I love it. I mean, serious, legitimate, I'll-call-you-tomorrow, agape kind of love. I'm recalling a conversation that I had with The Kim and her definite article-lacking sister, Becky.

"Who needs a girlfriend when you have a monitor this awesome?"

"Maybe that kind of thinking is the reason you don't have a girlfriend."

"No no no. I don't think you were listening. I don't neeeed a girlfriend now that I have this monitor."

It's kind of like the song says, "There's a 17-inch flat-panel shaped hole, in all of us..." Anyway, I carted the iBook over to SugarB's and wrote. And wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote. For several hours. All the while saving my progress to my oh-so handy purple USB flash-drive.

"Hey Mr. Gates, ya know what would be a cool feature that we could program in the new Office 2004?"

"Do tell."

"We could have Word randomly save blank documents over the open working file."

"That's so evil. I love it. I want to marry it. Wrap it up and FedEx it to my heart."

And so, for some reason, unbeknownst to all except for Bill and his gang of nefarious programmers, during a routine save attempt, Word displayed the following message: "saving Normal template". I was curious. I know computers pretty well, and I had no idea what that meant.

After this, the contents of "New FCC Paper" were exactly the same as the contents of "Normal template". Which, if you're interested, is not a dadgum thing. All of Tuesday's work was 86'ed. Gone south.

Hoov, it will be ok, you can recover that document thanks to Word's ingenious document recovery system

If you weren't a hypothetical conversant, I would punch you right in your italicized neck. Yeah, Word "recovered" my document. That's funny. I don't remember writing 9 singles-space pages of horizontal lines and Chinese letters randomly interspersed with the words "commission" and "subdelegation".

I was so sick about the entire ordeal that I forsook the rest of the writing that I had planned to do that evening. Instead I opted for meeting up with D-Lew to watch doubleB and ChrisA settle a bet about the color of the couches at Sugar Brown's. Dont' worry about it; it's a long story and it's not particularly funny.

So here I am, on Paraday, sitting at Sugar Brown's writing and writing and writing. Sitting in the same place. Drinking the same bottomless cup of coffee. But at the end of the day, going home to the loving glow of my Apple 17-inch Studio Display makes it all worth it. This one's for you, babe.