Thursday, September 16, 2004

3f remix: aliens, part i

Originally published September 18, 2003. So the events herein actually transpired 2 years ago this weekend.

Tonight was our first meeting for our Challenge Leadership group, so that means that this Sunday evening is the first meeting of the Challenge groups, a.k.a. "Challenge Rally".

But this post isn't about that. This post is about the anniversary of what happened a year ago this weekend. It actually happened during last year's Challenge Rally.

Anyone who happend to be in my Challenge or Leadership group last year should recall this story.

Of course, I speak of....

The Invasion

I'll cut the foreplay for those of you who aren't familiar with the story.

Aliens landed in my house. I kid you not.

I return from the Challenge Rally, and step into my office to resume my studying. And on the west wall of my office I see a strange dark mass that most assuredly was not there before I left.

Allow me to describe it. Stay with me post-skimmers.

It was about 3 inches long, and an inch wide, and from a distance looked like some sort of mold growth. When I moved in for a closer examination, I discovered that it in fact some sort of moldish substance, but that wasn't all.

Growing out of the mold-type substance were hundreds of little pod things. They were composed of a thin shaft about half a centimeter long, topped with a small sphere, about the size of the tip of a ball-point pen.

Sound kinda weird looking? It gets better.

All of the little pod things were moving. Moving independently of each other. Each one was doing it's own thing, just kinda swaying around. So I call the man himself, Big Jer.

"Dad, I think some black mold has started growing on my office wall."

"Son, I don't think black mold grows on interior painted walls. It's usually behind the walls where there's a leak or something."

So I described the oddity to him. In 10 mintues he was at my house, accompanied by Mom who also wanted to see the mold-pod alien.

That's right. Mom and Dad. I have witnesses. They saw it. And then we noticed that there was more than one. We found three more of the creatures that were growing on the window sill and back behind the blinds.

To be continued....