Wednesday, September 08, 2004

these are a few

In the midst of a looming deadline and implied rejection, here a few things which have brought me happiness as of late:

1. The Sopranos: The Complete Second Season DVD set. I love this show. Even though it makes me want to curse, shoot people, eat lots of Italian food and find myself a goomah. Preferably Russian. Just like Tony's

2. Brooke's story about how she choked on Jello and passed out.

3. Old Crow Medicine Show. Serious bluegrass music. Makes Nickel Creek sound like Depeche Mode.

4. Word-study on forgiveness. Makes up for the all the extra cursing, shooting, and illicit sex brought on by number 1.

5. Fuente Fuente OpusX. Aged 8 months in the humidor to take the edge off. Divine.

6. Throwing McKenna (sp?) around with Big Nate.

7. Listening to Dallas makes jokes about my high school staker. ("So, how are you guys doing?")