Thursday, September 02, 2004


Ahem. Sorry for the confusion. I suppose an explanation is in order. Here goes:

I like having a funny blog that entertains people because nobody wants to read a sad blog. My theory is that most people have enough sadness in their lives that they don't feel like they need to read-up on yours every few days. So, in order to make the blog a happy place, I had to take the most minor instances of happiness and humor in my life and amplify them a few hundred percent in order to make a good story out of it. This helped make me happy, and the stories made others happy, and knowing they were happy made me more happy.

But then there's my interest in politics. Having an interest in politics is requisite when you study/practice law, because the two areas are inextricable. Kind of like bass fishing and boating. You can't really pursue an interest in one without at least some interest in the other. If you like to bass fish, but don't care about boats, how you gonna get out there? And if you like to ride in your boat, but not fish, well then what's the point of going out to the middle of the lake? But I digress...

I suppose the problem was that my passion for politics didn't mesh well with my temper and my love for debate. Soon, I was pissin' people off instead of making them laugh, and getting accused of lying and hypocrisy instead of getting asked to act out the Coke machine story. So I began to feel like the drama queen of the Christian Subculture of Lubbock, Texas. For someone who likes to fly below radar, this was not a pleasant feeling. So here we are. A new era of covert blogging. This time I'll play nice.

If you're a Lubbock friend, then I'm trusting you to keep this thing on the D.L. I'm just not comfortable with having everyone I minister with (Challenge leaders) and people to whom I minister (people in 9:30/Paradigm) have access to my comings and goings. That means no links! I'm talking to you, T, Fleeg, and Elsie.

If you're not a Lubbock friend (people like Lil, Andi, Dumples, PGG, Beck, Leroy, Ian, Si, all y'all), the opposite applies. Please give me a link (or change your existing one). I've never been one to prostitute myself out for a link, but if I don't have any readers for this thing, then I might as well scrap it and buy a diary. A little cute one with a lock and everything. I promise that all links will be reciprocated.

Well, I certainly feel a lot more free here at Write-On. I could talk about cigars, or the Challenge contract, or my senior-in-high-school stalker, or Jen.

But only if I can make them funny.