Thursday, September 02, 2004

our little secret

The hardest thing so far has been deciding who to tell about the new page.

Jeff T and Regan are on board. Heather and Meg are in. Dane's mom is in too, and by virtue of that, so is Dane. That may seem like a lot of Lubbock people to be reading a blog that I want to keep low-key within Lubbock, but the issue really isn't about how many of my friends read it, but how much access the Christian Subculture has to it.

The way I figure it, when your friend's dads are griping at you, and people who don't really "know" you, but merely "know of" you can feel free to anonymously trash you whenever they please, there is too much access to your blog. I want my friends to be able to enjoy my blogging as much as I enjoy theirs, but I'm just sick of Joe and Susie Tech stumbling across my page, geekin' out, and giving me ulcers.

And I know I probably sound whiny, but believe me, not all of this is just me wanting to avoid getting hassled. I also don't want to cause strife and division. Even though I don't force anyone to read my page at gunpoint, it was obviously a source of animosity between myself and people like Casey, Jana, Casey's dad, and Kelsey. And Molly, to whom I am usually just overtly mean.

As a leader in the church, I just don't feel right about putting something out there to be widely read that was so consistently becoming a forum for personal vendetta, much of it against me, but admittedly, just as much of it me against others.

But it's been hard because people who I truly consider to be friends express their disappointment at my departure, and I feel rotten for not telling them about the new page. But this is a problem that legal scholars and law-makers face all the time: you have to draw the line somewhere. I can't have a blog with no readers (defeats the purpose), and I can't have a blog with full public access (tried that once), so the only option is somewhere in the grey area.

* * * * *

Remember that FCC paper from last year? Well I don't. I don't remember the slightest thing about it. Maybe it's repression, or maybe I just had to purge it from my brain to make room for learning the California highway system and all the surf slang. All I know is that I have to rewrite 2/3rds of it.

So I'll be doing that over the next couple of weeks, which won't leave much time for any substantial blogging. But here's what I'll be doing:

I'll be posting Greatest Hits.

Manly Sandwhich, Free Cheesecake, Coke Machine, all your favorites will be resurrected, with only nominal edits to excise any personal data that may no longer be relevant.

The main reason I'm doing this is that now the majority of my readership is the out-of-town folk. And most of the out-of-town folks are newish, and may not have experienced some of the harrowing tales that evoked such positive feedback on the old site.