Monday, October 18, 2004

like whoah

I'm sitting in Banking Law at the moment. I am well aware that blogging during class is probably not the best stewardship of the blessing of being able to attend law school, but it was a long weekend and I don't really feel like paying attention at the moment to home equity loans.

I can't really say that it was a terribly productive weekend. I spent a couple of hours washing my car on Saturday, which was interesting for two reasons. First, there is still sand all up in that ho. This might have something to do with the fact that I haven't washed the thing since mid-June when I had it washed at that place in Newport Beach. Free wash and detailing with an oil change. That's nothing short of stellar. A sixty dollar detailing free with a thirty dollar oil change. I almost felt bad about it.

The second reason is something akin to my alien story and my ghost story (which I don't think I've written about yet). Here's the setup: my Tahoe has two cupholders between the front seats. These two cupholders share a single figure-8 rubber coaster that you slide in between the two. When I was cleaning out my car Saturday, I had two of these, stacked on top of each other inside the cupholders.

I have never had two of these. I have always had one. Now I have two. There are four other dual cupholders in the Tahoe, and all of them only have one rubber coaster. There is no conceivable reason why I should have two rubber coasters for the front seat cupholders. Besides the obvious of course, which is that the first coaster assexually reproduced.

Imagine if you got into your car today only to find that your windshield had sprouted a second rear-view mirror. That's how I felt whilst staring at my two cupholders.

The reason I had to wash my car was that D-Lew and I were going to pick up our perennial female accompaniment, DoubleB and ChrisA, and take them to Abernathy, Texas for the Hoppy Music Jamboree. And since The Girls had gone out and bought new cowboy hats just for the ocassion, it seemed that the least I could do was wash the Scarlet Ho, who was beginning to look more like the Caliche Ho.

I think my professor may have just cursed, and I'm the only one who noticed. Hmm...

The Hoppy Music Jamboree was true soulmaster fare. Four hours of small town country music and homemade pizza. It was, of course, my idea. Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Awesome.

There was a cowboy named Billy who played fiddle. We didn't think much of him because he was wearing a goofy shirt and a huge black hat. But then he sang "Mona Lisa". He made Josh Groban sound like Howie Mandel. He played solo, requiring no help from the 8-piece Double Nickel Band, just gently strumming his guitar and blowing our minds. For two and half minutes, nobody moved, nobody spoke, nobody tapped their feet. We just froze and stared, mouths open. Later he sang "Desperado". It was absolutely the best rendition of this song that I have ever heard and ever will hear.

I think he might be awesome enough to hang out with us.