Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I have a man-crush on Dr. Jack Shepard. Not to be confused with Dr. Derek Shepherd. It is a well-known fact that Jack can pull a few dozen people from airplane wreckage, rescue people from monsters/defense systems, dispense antibiotics, carry volatile explosives through the jungle, negotiate hostage exchanges, manage a respectable stockpile of automatic weapons, deliver a few babies, and blow up stubborn hatch doors...

All in the time it takes that pretty-boy doctor from Grey's Anatomy to do his hair.

Season 3 of LOST starts tonight.

And I'm pretty sure that John Locke could take out Jack Bauer with a well-placed boar trap, but I guess that's debatable. Don't get me wrong, Bauer's good, but I've never seen him build his own trebuchet.

*Update/Geek-Out Rant

Ok, so I just finished the season premier of LOST, or as I now like to call it, 47 Minutes of Commercials Interspersed with Brief Scenes of Jack Glaring at People.

Did anyone else see it? Seriously - what was up with the commercials? It was like watching the last quarter of the Super Bowl. I will grant that the opening revelation pretty much made me fall out of my chair. I never saw that coming. But to spend the rest of the episode doing a character study on Jack?

As I mentioned, I love Jack, and this episode gave great insight into what makes him tick. And, the strength of this show has always been the depth of its characters, so having a few character-focused episodes that don't advance the plot is necessary at times. But for a season premier? That's moronic!

What about the explosion? The magnetic anomaly? The four toes? Locke? Eko?

Nooo... Let's welcome back our beloved viewers with 10 minutes of Sawyer trying to get a fish biscuit. Idiots.