Wednesday, September 13, 2006

come along and ride on a fantastic voyage

cuz i'm rollin' in my six-fo

Yeah, that's The Fury. Not much to say about The Fury, except that... well, it's a Fury, and it's outside. Sometimes it runs. We find that it transports surfboards extraordinarily well.

Yeah, that's our house. Well, perhaps the word "our" erroneously implies that I have some manner of joint ownership or other economic interest therein, which I certainly do not, so I suppose more accurately: Yeah, that's the house I live in. If you're cruisin' the streets of HB, just look for the Snoopy flag.

Yeah, that's me. Acting like a doofus. As many of you know, my Facebook profile picture was, for an extended period of time, a picture of Johnny Cochran. This is a testament to how seriously I take Facebook. However, Jacquelyn, being 5.0547 years younger than me (which for some inexplicable reason she feels the need to round up to 6), takes Facebook very seriously, and did not like being romantically associated with a dead black man. So I recruited Red (that would be the nickname that I made up for the 6th-grader) to photograph me in the Fury, for the purposes of placating Jacquelyn and making Facebook a little bit prettier in the process. Seriously - no one as old as me should be on Facebook. Whitten's on it, but he hasn't updated his profile since March. Is that guy even alive?

Yeah, that's the minivan. Somtimes I get to drive it. I love minivans. Especially Siennas. I would like to purchase one someday, but I'll probably settle for a 7 series. Sigh.

Yeah, that's what passes for a post these days. I've discovered that as I become more preoccupied with trying to pass myself off as an adult, I become increasingly more scatter-brained when I finally settle into the warm bosom of the Blogger posting page. I wish I could promise to get better, but I think that might be outside the realm of possibility. So, I guess you can read it, or, I dunno... not. Whatever.

Yeah, that's the neighbor's house. There has been a large pile of dirt taking up half of his driveway since May. I don't think that's legal.