Sunday, September 24, 2006

this is great cherry pie

For my fellow film buffs, I would advise you to check out this new M&M's Dark Movies webgame, intended to advertise some new dark chocolate variety of the ubiquitous confection. It shows you a creepy painting loaded with "visual riddles", each one corresponding to the title of a dark or scary movie.

Some are easy, like Saw or The Ring, but many others test even my limits of cinematic obscurity. I have actually lost sleep thinking about the planets at the top of the painting.

So I will probably be purchasing some of these new dark chocolate M&M's. Not because I particularly like M&M's (which I don't), or because I'm extremely susceptible to clever marketing (which I am). But because I reason that if the people that make M&M's are the kind of people who have seen the films referenced by the Green M&M and the Rock Formation (next to the planets), then these people must be as twisted and disturbed as I am - and I will buy their candies.