Monday, December 12, 2005

nerd post: powerbook worship review

Ahhh... Nothing kills the traffic quite so well as the dreaded nerd post. Even ChrisA skims them. But I am helpless not to sing the praises of the newest addition to my family: the 15-inch PowerBook. Because ladies be all the times asking me, "Hoover, how much do you like your new PowerBook?"

Now of course I didn't buy a brand-new PowerBook. This is because the new ones are plagued with monitor problems. Such as lines. I went to the Apple store to check out this problem. I personally witnessed it on their display models, despite the employees telling me that there was no "lines problem", and if there were a "lines problem", they would for sure know about it.

I usually want to punch Apple store employees. Condescending little brats. They assume that they know vastly more about Apple Computers than every single person who walks in there. That might be true if you work at Best Buy, farming out Vaios, but not with the Mac crew. We know our stuff and we don't need some sophomore from Orange Coast College telling us how to run our Mac family.

Anyway... So lines. Yeah, no good. If I'm going to drop 2g on professional grade equipment, it had better be pefect. The display problems are especially ridiculous considering how prominently the PowerBook line is geared towards graphics professionals. I am truly disapointed with Apple on this one.

So I got a refurbished one. Saved $550 and got one of the previous models - the ones without the sucky displays.

And it's glorious. This thing has ports coming out of every end of it. Ports that I don't even recognize. S-Video, FireWire 800, DVI, PCMCIA. Truly a thing to behold. And it runs like a dream, even with a paltry 512MB of ram out of the box, it stays perky even with Safari, Word, iTunes, iCal, and a Citrix terminal of Summation all running. Marvelous.

So ladies, to answer your question - I love it. It is truly an awe-inspiring masterpiece of intelligent design. A beautiful creature such as this could not have been the result of chance and natural selection. No. It was created by a kind and loving Jobs, despite what the unbelievers at Best Buy would tell you.

Peace be with you.