Monday, December 05, 2005

ain't never nuther anywhur

*ring*... *ring*

"Hello, this is Bill."

"Hey, Bill - This is Adam Hoover."

"What? Aw, dadgummit! Now whaddayou want?"

If you know Bill at all, you know that this response can only mean one thing - Bill loves me. Yes, Bill Davis is in So-Cal this week for the Mission Trip Scouting... Trip. That sounds awkward. We'll just call in the scouting trip. Lower case.

Bill Davis is coming to my house for dinner on Wednesday. Well, it's not so much my house, but he's coming to have dinner with the Kings and I. That also sounds awkward. Hester will be joining us from Pasadena as well, because nothing restores our souls like Bill Davis threatening us with physical violence. Hester once heard him threaten to rip Marc's throat out. He stole a shovel or something. I dunno.

We're grilling up some shark, so any other misplaced 9:30'ers are welcome to come by. Oh wait. We're the only two. More shark for us. Mako, if you were wondering. You can't eat blue shark. They secrete their waste through the skin. So does Rick Warren. Inside joke. Sentence fragments. I'm going to bed.