Saturday, November 12, 2005

halo faq

Well, Halo kicks off today with our first project. We're in Watts, on the corner of Florence and Normandy. And the '91 riots started about 100 feet away. But not the '64 riots. Those started about a half-mile the other direction.

So since I have about a half-hour before I go pick up my boyz, and in honor of this inaugural project, I thought it best to answer a few questions about Halo - some of the questions that I get asked most frequently. Thus, this is a Frequently Asked Questions post.

Sup Hoov?

Shoooot. Nuthin'.

So what is Halo?

Think of it as a "Fun Size" Mission Trip. Basically we're taking the concept of the 9:30 Mission Trip and breaking it down into small weekend projects that 5-10 guys can handle. That way, we're more flexible, we're year-round, and we can handle the time-sensitive projects that Mission Trip can't. Like leaky roofs.

Who's we?

I dunno. Me and whoever else wants to get up at 7am on a Saturday. Actually, Thad is all over it also. I couldn't do it without him.

When did you come up with Halo?

Before I left for California. One day I was driving around and I thought, "Dang, Halo sure would be a cool name for a ministry. I don't know what they would do. But it would be a cool name. It'd look good on a t-shirt." And then I focused in on the Fun Size Mission Trip idea. It was all just day dreaming at the time. But people liked it, so we're going to give it a shot.

So you're a big fan of the Halo video game?

Nah. Never played it. It just sounded cool.

You've never played Halo?!

Nah. I'm more of a Final Fantasy kinda guy. Materia, summoning, sphere grids... That's more my style.

I am a friend and/or family of yours who resides in Texas. How can I help?

Give me money. Seriously. Part of the flexibility of Halo comes from the fact that we don't depend on funds from the local and state Baptist associations. That means we need lucre, funds, ends, scrilla. We need to buy tools, materials, and beer for the kids. I'll be in Texas for Thanksgiving. Give me money. Seriously.

Do you have a fancy logo?

No. Hester's in charge of that. He likes to draw things.

What does Bill Davis think about it?

Well, I can't get Bill "John-Wayne-On-Speed" Davis to call me back, but I'm sure he'd be into it.

Are you strapped?

Man, I pack heat to go to Newport. You best believe I'm packin'.