Friday, November 11, 2005

a moron's deadliest weapon: the remote

Will someone please tell me why redundant trash television like Survivor, The Apprentice, and American Idol keep puking up more episodes while original and entertaining series like Arrested Development and Wonderfalls get the axe?

Maybe they needed to make room for CSI: Tulsa or Law and Order: Is This Your Homework, Larry. Or... I got it! A primetime cartoon on Fox that will be laden with pop-culture references and have a pervasively sarcastic tone! That would be sooo original. And the father character's limited intellectual resources would lead to hyjinks and hilarity in every episode! I'll get the TiVo ready!

Or how about a sitcom featuring an insensitive and inept male lead with a disproportionately attractive wife? And get this! He could say/do something stupid in the first 3 minutes and then spend the rest of the episode trying to fix it! I can't believe that someone hasn't already thought of that! It would be so entertaining that I would want to see 37 other sitcoms just like it!