Thursday, October 27, 2005

your state is lame

There's this guy in our church who's a little younger than me. He's from Montanna. He thinks Montanna is better than Texas.

Whatever. Montanna may be wonderfully scenic and a haven for outdoor adventure, but it's not so much a State of the Union as it is the only part of Canada we got.

So whenever he starts talking about how Montanna is so awesome and Texas is lame, we all just kind of look at him like we do the 4 and-a-half year-old down the block who runs around with no shoes on and says that he's Spider-Man and pretends to web everybody. Ok, that's great. You're from Montanna and it's wonderful. Now run along. Ha Ha, yes. I am caught in your web. Go home.

So this week during prayer requests, I asked for prayer for safe travel as I flew to the greatest state in the nation. And this guy, in his brutish, Leno-esque comedic stylings, pipes up, "Ooohh, you're going to Montanna?" No. Now run along.

Anyway, I'm going to Texas, and getting some quality time with Whitten, and The Fleeg, and J&J will not suck at all. Look me up to see if there are any tour dates in your area.