Sunday, September 25, 2005

that's great, because baker botts has lame drink specials

Today I ventured to my neighborhood Blockbuster to stock up on a day's worth of escapism. The young man at the counter said he would need to get my new address, since I no longer lived in Texas. I can only imagine why. Probably because Blockbuster Video always needs your most up-to-date contact information so that they can more effectively SCREW YOU.

But I like movies and they have most of them. So, like an abusive relationship, I just keep going back because, even if I left him, where would I go and what would the neighbors think? He'll change. He promised me he would change.

So the young man saith unto me, "so, how long ago did you move here?"

"About four months ago. I took the Bar exam, and now I'm working and it's pretty sweet."

"Ah. So what bar do you work at?"

Now, for some reason, when he said "what bar", my brain heard "what firm". Maybe because they sound the same, or maybe because on some subconscious level I had assumed this young man wasn't a complete troglodyte, or because anyone with an education above Where's Waldo? knows that the Bar exam is what you take to be an attorney. Not to work in a bar.

So, under the impression that he said "firm", I saith unto him, "I work at [lastname & lastname]. It's over in Newport."

What's sad is, he had this look. A look that said, "wow, I've never even heard of that bar. It must be sooo rad!"

I feel sorry for the kid, but at least he could probably get into med school.