Wednesday, September 07, 2005

nerd alert

It occured to me today that my sidebar what-have-you had not been updated since before conclusion of the Bar exam. So there. It's updated.

The Bar Exam Department of Optimism Maintenance is staying despite the exam being over. Although now it's serving the purpose of reminding me of all the fantastical things going on for the rest of the year. This keeps me from ruminating on the prospect of having to wait another 3 months for my results.

Yes, I sold out and plopped down the funds to reserve an XBOX 360. As much as I would love to get behind Nintendo's new system, the Revolution, I just don't think they're going to stay competitive. All they can seem to do is rehash 20 year-old franchises. Nobody wants to play another 3D Mario platformer. Nintendo will simply not be able to hang with the 360 and the PS3 by churning out more Mario Party games. I don't care how amazing their mysterical new controller is. The GameCube was a fantastic system, but Nintendo has been too busy designing new GameBoys (four of them, I believe: Advance, Advance SD, Micro, and DS) to put out anything on the 'Cube to compete with Halo or GTA. Not that anyone with a functional mammalian brain stem thinks that any of the GTA games are actually fun, but it sure did sell a lot of PS2s

And even though M$ is fundamentally evil, the 360 has the specs and more importantly, the games. Not that I won't end up buying a Revolution anyway, but it's simply a matter of princple.

Besides, it's kind of fun knowing that a Microsoft product was designed with the PowerMac G5. They don't want you to know that.