Tuesday, July 26, 2005

csi: ontario

Well, that sucked.

I certainly hope I don't have to do that again. But if my performance on Essay #2 is any indication, it looks like I'll be spending Valentine's Day in the library instead of with your mom.

The worst part about it is just dealing with all of the administrative junk. The test-takers are treated like cattle. Seriously. I actually got pushed by an old lady because I was trying to find my way around a long line to get to the bathroom. Why don't you get your hands off me, Bea Arthur. I'm not 4 years old, nor am I livestock. It really is quite frustrating. We spend so much time and effort to get to this point. We are reasonable, educated adults and (would-be) professionals, and we're getting pushed around and yelled at like we're in juvie.

At one point we had to fill out a fingerprint and handwriting sample. Like we're criminals or something.

As far as the subjects that showed up, in I were a gambling man, I would have raked it in. Actually, I am a gambling man, but I didn't have time to find a bookie who handicaps Bar Exam subjects. Last night I guessed an appearance by Property and Professional Responsibility, with a second-tier guess of Evidence and Community Property.

I got 2 out of 3. Sort of.

The first question was pure Community Property. I feel good about it.

The second question was mysterical. A Property and Contracts cross-over. Incidentally, these are pretty much the worst subjects to cross over because they tend to overlap, which causes confusion with spotting the right issues. I'm pretty sure I missed a horizontal/vertical privity issue, but for the life of me, I couldn't cipher it.

The third question was the cheap shot. A Corporations and Professional Responsibility cross-over. Proof that those guys are fundamentally evil, because it's well known that those are probably the least studied-for subjects.

Thankfully, the afternoon Performance Test was gravy points. Or was it... I hate all this second guessing. But I got a voicemail from Strap and an e-mail from Wanda saying that they were praying for me. If I had known that, I wouldn't have even bothered studying at all.

After the test I ventured to the Ontario Mills Mall in search of food. Ontario Mills is possibly the most overrated commercial structure on the planet. It's like, the nicest mall on the planet to not really have anything decent or interesting. And I could swear that when I was a kid, Sbarro did not suck. Now, it sucks a lot, and it's expensive. So I got some bad pizza that I had to re-finance my Tahoe to buy.

Anyway, time for a shower to wash away the stench of failure. Tomorrow: the MBE. Ouch.