Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Things that are annoying me lately:

The guy at Subway who made the nice lady cut all of the seeds out his tomatoes. If you're going to be a sissy about your sandwich, just make it at home. Baby.

The interns, who despite being fully aware that I'm studying for the Bar Exam, and despite the fact that the beach and a 20-acre park are both only 5 minutes away, brought over a dozen junior high kids to jump on the trampoline (which is outside of my window).

The interns, who brought Zach some Chick-fil-A. But not me.

PMBR, who apparently do not burden themselves with things like maps, decided that the Costa Mesa section of their review course should meet in Fullerton.

T-Mobile, who charged me 75 minutes for a call that started at 8:58pm (in other words, I got charged for 73 minutes that were during free night hours).

A society that condemns Michael Jackson while it continues to worship rock stars and rappers that endorse illicit drug use and glamorize violence. "You touched a little boy? Rot in hell. You sold drugs and shot somebody? I'll pay $2.99 for a ringtone of your new single." Maybe we should let scripture (or at least common sense) dictate which celebrities we denounce, instead of Fox News.

My keyboard, with its sticking A and Shift keys.