Friday, July 08, 2005

wear dark classes like the cops in texas

The clock is ticking. 18 days until the Bar.

In no way do I feel remotely prepared.

In a way, I think that might be BarBri's fault. Not that they haven't done their job in providing me with thorough materials and competent lecturers. It's just that they are so obtuse about their practice essay grading that it has given me a false sense of the complete inevitability of my failure.

Many of the lecturers have stressed how little is required to pass the exam. One guy completely left off equal protection and due process from a Con Law essay. He passed. One guy wrote about how a house was governed by the UCC because it was a good. He passed. One guy was so scared that he couldn't get out of bed for the two weeks preceeding the exam. He passed. Yet no matter how reasonably complete and organized my practice essays are, I get 55's.

And I still suck at MBE Con Law. It's brutal. How is it possible to get high 70's in MBE Property, and mid 40's in MBE Con Law? That's just preposterous. On the other hand, Property essays are my kryptonite. I always miss at least two major issues as well as completely mistate the law for the ones that I don't miss.

But what has to be most frustrating is that I can't find a decent place to study. Here at the house, it's like the interns have some kind of secret agreement to make the house as least conducive to studying as possible. I come home yesterday and they're baking peanut butter (?) blending orange smoothies, and playing some game on the internet that involved a repetitive dog-barking noise.

So this morning I go to Denny's. I like studying there. It's usually not terribly crowded because, well, because it's Denny's. But today a cranky middle aged gent and a migrant construction worker almost came to fisticuffs. There were plenty of eff-words, and threats of violence, and insults, and intention to cause apprehension of immediate offensive contact. Then the cops showed up.

Yeah. At Denny's. I'm trying to do a Property essay, and an MBE Crim question is playing out over my Lumberjack Slam. Which I accidentally referred to as a Logjammer Slam when I ordered it. Which was terribly embarassing.