Saturday, July 16, 2005

extra final, even more conclusive proof that barbri's grading system is even more completely bogus than was originally alleged

Today I got back my practice essays for Wills & Trusts, Civil Procedure, and Community Property.

All of which were also written with the benefit of unlimited time and the assistance of all of BarBri's materials.

60. 60. 55.

*DVD Bonus Features*

A little something extra for the lawyers, law grads, and law students in the audience:

In the Wills & Trust question, a testator left a will that devised his car to his best friend. He sold the car in the time between making the will and dying. Yet the grader insisted that "ademption is not an issue in this question."

I'm tempted to call BarBri, track down grader 605, and find out exactly what she thinks ademption is. Because maybe it would behoove BarBri to let grader 605 correct the BarBri long outline, the Conviser mini review, the checklist/outline, Professor Johansen, Dean Shanon, and a few hundred years of English common law.