Thursday, September 22, 2005

when your moms ain't safe up in the streets

My dear beloved mother sent me an e-mail yesterday to take offense at my previous post. I didn't get it. She said she had probably sent it to my "old" e-mail address. Hey, it happens.

When she forwarded the message to my "new" e-mail address (that I've only had for slightly more than 15 months) I noticed the address to which she had sent the first e-mail: adamh@oldhost.whtevr. At no point ever in the history of my life have I had an e-mail address that was "adamh" @ anything. The prosecution rests. But wait. More there is.

My dear beloved mother managed to attach the above image... 7 times. I guess she really wanted me to have a nice day. She also managed to attach some random .wmz file. 7 times. All in the course of trying to tell me how wrong I was for insinuating that middle-age women can't use computers.

In her defense, Martha is an incredible cook and sometimes people think she's my sister.

Lee, I don't want any comments from you.