Monday, September 12, 2005

creepin while ya sleepin

Getting back into a regular posting scheme has proven difficult, especially with a lack of post-worthy happenings. At least no posts worthy of the 3rd Floor glory of old. But here's some high points from the last few weeks.

Daniel moved to California. Counting Mr. Seth Hardage, that makes three 9:30'ers currently residing in So-Cal. But with Daniel up in Pasadena, and Seth living on a Naval base, I think got the better end of the manifest destiny bargain. Daniel and I went down to Coronado Island to hangout with Seth on his last weekend before starting his SEAL training, which apparently is like federally mandated hazing.

We went to Transporter 2, which is absolutely preposterous, ridiculous, and amazing. For the rest of the day, every conversation started with, "what about when he kicked that guy's gun into that other guy's gun?", or "what about when he chased down that bus with a jet ski?". I consider myself quite a film snob, but I couldn't help but love this outrageously stupid and entertaining movie.

And this weekend: The bathroom sinks clogged up, ChrisA popped in for a surprise visit, the water heater exploded, and I got eaten alive by fleas. In that order. All of these posed serious time management problems and made it difficult to get started on certain discovery assignments. *Cough*

Work is going well. One of my bosses looks like Ed Harris. That's not really relevant to anything.

Oh yeah, the fleas. Whenever ChrisA comes to visit, she stays in the apartment of a lady from my church. This very nice and hospitable lady has a very, very fat cat. And when I say "fat cat", I don't mean like, a cat that's just kinda chubby. What I mean is a walrus wearing a cat costume. That is this cat. This cat makes an ideal carrier for fleas, since all of its rolls and folds of fat are belying a surface area of fur roughly equal to that of a mammoth.

ChrisA had 4 bites. I have nearly 30. I always knew I had good taste. Ha!

On that note, I think I better call it a night.