Monday, October 24, 2005

maybe next year

Hester and I had this great plan to go kiteboarding this weekend (or in the near future). Our plans pretty much got jacked every which way. If you're not familiar with kiteboarding, it's a sport for SoulMasters only, so don't even bother looking into it, because you're not a SoulMaster like myself or Hester.

Here are the myriad ways in which our kiteboarding agenda was subverted:

1. You can't just rent the equipment, you have to take lessons. Whatever, I Googled it. What do I need lessons for?
2. The lessons are very expensive. The cheapest was $130 for 2 hours, but the best one was $435 for 4 hours. I guess it's feasible, but I'd have to skip a few child support payments.
3. The lessons are only offered between March and September. Oh, right. Because they drain the ocean during the winter months. How silly of me.
4. Even after you take the lessons, you still can't rent equipment. So you would have to fork over 12-honey for your own set of gear. And they don't even offer a SoulMaster discount, which is like, extortion, or something.

So, it looks like we'll have to wait until March before we break into the pro-kiteboarding circuit. Until then, we can start looking for sponsors. If you or your company would like to purchase ad space on our wetsuits, feel free to contact me via the comments form.