Tuesday, November 08, 2005

i seem to have lost my beachball

Today at the gym, I saw an old man squatting 405 pounds. I cannot explain what it is like to see an old man squatting 405 pounds. It both inspiring and completely demoralizing. It's inspiring because I am filled with hope that maybe when I am similarly advanced in years, I could share this man's strength and mobility.

It is demoralizing because at age 25, in the so-called "prime of my life", I couldn't squat that much weight if I had 9 legs. I had to ask for a spot just to count it.

Also, my gym seems to be home to numerous middle-age females with comedically oversized augmentations to their regions pectoral. These women are the object of wide-eyed stares. Not a how you doin' kind of stare, but a oh geez, Godzilla is rising up out of the water and heading into Tokyo to knock over buildings kind of stare. Like a Japanese local, too horrified to run from the slow descent of the Godzilla foot, only able to raise his hands in terror and let out a poorly-dubbed death shriek.

I suspect that it's not even physically possible for these "women" to actually work out. I imagine how easy it would be for me perform a bench press if I had a sea otter tied around my neck. I think that my max would decline substantially.