Wednesday, November 16, 2005

things to do the night before you fly somewhere: watch lost

Ok, seriously. I just got off the phone with Hester and both of us are incensed that ABC spent the past week touting tonight's episode of Lost as an "extended" episode. The local ABC affiliate listed the show as running from 9 - 10:30.

It was 4 extra minutes.

4 extra minutes... of footage we've already scene.

I haven't seen Locke do anything cooler than swaddle a baby for nearly a month. I need Locke to do something cool as soon as possible. Like, I don't know... throw a knife at something. Although Goodwin did espouse some very Locke-esque justification for the clandestine activity of The Others.

Did anyone else notice the parallels between the Arrow and Swan bunkers? Why is "quarantine" written on the inide of the door and not the outside (similar to the hatch). Has everyone seen this? How about this? Am I a giant nerd?