Sunday, April 09, 2006

obligatory halo report post: now with crappy pictures!

Despite the fact that one of the last things I did before we left the house Saturday morning was to put a fresh set of batteries in my camera, when we got to the site, the crazy thing was non-operational. So much to my chagrin, I was left in the untennable position of either having cellphone camera pictures or none at all. Thus, you get crappy pictures. While I feel that they have retained that undeniable Hoover sense of composition, they nonetheless are crappy.

Overall, I would consider this round of Halo a success. We didn't get quite as much work done as we would have liked. The original plan was to have the office sheetrocked by lunch, and have it taped and bedded by mid-afternoon. The last piece of sheetrock was installed by Hester and myself as the light was fading at around 7:15 pm.

I had originally thought that we would have 7-8 people there, and would put a 5-person crew on sheetrock. But we ended up with five total, due to two last-minute cancelations and one bozo no-show. Thus only the firm of Hester & Hoover was able to focus its efforts on the sheetrock. But do not be dismayed, Halo fans. Thad's brother-in-law showed up, an electrician by trade, and wired some lights, switches, outlets, and moved a light box to make room for a wall we have to frame... eventually. Thad also contributed by putting in a toilet, half of a sink, and helping the pastor of the church jam a sliding glass door, thus resulting in three very nice ladies being stuck in the kitchen for the better part of an hour.

On with the crappy show!

Home sweet home for the next 11 hours.

Texas and Montana team up... Halo bridges America.

How many pastors does it take...

Almost done.