Monday, March 27, 2006

take my picture by the pool

First off, I would like to comment on what was pretty much a stellar weekend experience.

Hester and I went to Rosa's. Yes, my faithful Lubbock readers, we went to Rosa's. In Temecula. It took us nearly two hours to get there, thanks to the magic of the 91. And yes. It's the same. All of it. Retina-scorching pink walls and decor that was probably purchased by street vendors at the border crossing. And it was in. cred. ible.

Without a doubt, the single best Rosa's experience I have ever had. And I have eaten at Rosa's hundreds of times. In fact, I would conjecture that not having a Rosa's 23 seconds away from my place of residence is a substantial contributing factor to my having lost weight since moving here. So I know Rosa quite well, and her scrumptious yet grammatically-challenged "special ingredient" - authentic.

It was like getting saved all over again. Here's the extent of the dinner conversation between Hester and myself:



"How is this possible?"

" don't...dang."

The fajita steak. Wow. After the Bar Exam (round 1, for those who are counting), we ate at Ruth's Chris, and I had a $40 steak. The Rosa's fajita meat was better. We gorged ourselves and basked in the beauty of Rosa's splendor. And of course there was only one way to finish off the evening. Hang out with our good friend Clive. We met up with him and saw his new movie, Inside Man. It was gude. And of course, there was only one way to finish off an evening of quality time with Rosa and Clive: Smokes. Yes, Padron 1964 Anniversary Series Maduro.

And Sunday was Fish Fest. Yeah, I dunno. It's like a big Christian concert thingy. Apparently, it's a big deal out here for Christians with bland taste in music. It was a gude time because several people from Pierpoint went, but I didn't go anywhere near the main stage when John Tesh was on. Spritely Texan Chris Tomlin was good. Delerious was surprisingly good. And I bailed way before the Newsboys went on. I have priorities.

Oddly enough, the high point of the day was hanging out with the 6th-grader and her two friends. Somehow, when the powers-that-be of Pierpoint divied up who was riding with whom, these three strange creatures were assigned to the Tahoe. I ended up driving them to and fro and escorting them around the concert so they wouldn't be nabbed by the nefarious criminal element that shows up to hear John Tesh. Being an only child, I never got the little sister experience. But they're good kids, so I played big brother and drove them around to get Panda Express and Golden Spoon.

And just in case there was any fun left to be had, I went to work and did discovery review for 9 hours - and that pretty much killed it. Of course, I only got to bill for 7.5 of those hours.

I have decided to entitle my next Law Review article: Billable Hours: What the Heck, Guys?