Wednesday, February 22, 2006

denny crane would be proud

So Question 3 yesterday was a Property question. Which was like, so great because last year they only tested it on two of the six essays. But anyway...

The third call of the question went something like this:

3. Will Olive be successful on her appeal of the Zoning Board's denial of her variance request?

Uhhh... yeah. What? You better smile when you say that.

Allow me to lament. I had absolutely no idea what to do with that. It wasn't like the omitted spouse issue in Question 2. I didn't know that - but at least I knew that I should have known it. But I read the entire Conviser Property outline (no small task) and this was completely off of my radar. I think I may have seen it in an episode of Law and Order: JP.

Is it even a Property issue? Could this have been some kind of Property/Con Law cross-over? The guy next to me thought so. After lunch, he explained how he analyzed it as a Due Process violation. The guy on the other side of me drew the wild card and went with Civil Procedure, and analyzed whether it was an appealable final judgment. Yeah... I'm pretty sure that the final judgment rule does not apply to zoning board procedures... does it?


And then, to make matters worse, I went to the mall so that I could consume PX, and I decided to break down and buy Serenity, so that I could watch it on the PowerBook (nobody studies during the Bar... you may not have been aware of that). And I bought the gorram full-screen version! Argh! $24 wasted! Full-screen, why do you even exist? To mock me? Methinks.

1. Will Hoover be successful in his appeal of Virgin Megastore's denial of his exchange request?