Wednesday, February 15, 2006

LOST interest

Wow. For about 3.4 seconds, tonight's episode of LOST was actually interesting. So that brings the tally to... let's see... 4 boring episodes in a row. In case you missed these last four crucial episodes, here's the recap: The Others are sneaky and anti-social, Aaron is mysterical, Sawyer is a bad guy, and Sayid is conflicted about beating people up. Oh yes, it's been really exciting, but I liked it better the first time, when it was called the first season.

Anyway, there has been far too little writing transpiring on this blog, causing it to fall woefully short of its namesake. However, I do find it odd that I generated more comments by complaining about Conan O'Brien and Gran Turismo than I did by making fun of the president. And I've decided that you red-staters can hate on me all you want - at least Al Gore never shot anybody. And I suspect that if Cheney had shot a doctor, he'd have been locked up already. But since he only shot a lawyer, nobody really cares. When it comes to shooting lawyers, most states don't even impose tag limits.

And since my only hope of stardom rests in becoming a lawyer and eventually getting shot by someone newsworthy, you may be wondering how Hoover v. California Part Deux is going. It's going: Eh. On one hand, my MBE styles are def. The PMBR practice test thingie indicates that I will beat my July MBE score by 16 points. But on the other hand, that still leaves two days of essay on which to crash and burn. Yep... July's lookin' real gude.

Also, I'd like to holla at Big Jer for sending me some folding green love for Valentine's Day. I immediately proceeded to my favorite hole-in-the-wall (and cash only... shady!) Mexican food place, Happy Burrito, and washed away the pain of PMBR with a red sauce smothered monument of saturated fat and high-glycemic carbs. And the best salsa in the Pacific time zone. I'm Happy to Be at Happy B. That's the slogan I made up for them. I'm sure they would appreciate it if any of them spoke English.